Key Principles

The World Peace Game is an educational tool based on the following key concepts:

  • Consciously creating a game design to which participants can relate and which is experienced as overwhelming.
  • Encouraging the ability to recognize complex problems and to work cooperatively to find adequate solutions.
  • Encouraging the ability to look at an issue from different perspectives
  • Finding team-based solutions under pressure (e.g., meeting deadlines)

During the intensive week of play, critical thinking is encouraged by 

  • Recognition of  global interconnectedness and its sensitivity to


  • our direct confrontation with the complexity of our living environment
  • the experience and recognition of one's own strengths and abilities to accept tasks together through interaction and communication, to recognize and describe ways of solving problems, and to bring about solutions
  • the acquisition of specialist knowledge
  • the luxury of failing and learning from it (supported by the game leader)
  • the increase of flexibility of thinking
  • the critical examination of one's own attitude and the values it is based on
  • the possibility of thinking outside the normal boundaries and of trying out seemingly impossible things




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