Freedom and discipline

The concepts of "freedom, discipline and responsibility" are always closely linked in Maria Montessori's work. 

When we talk about freedom, it is never about children being able to do whatever they want. It is about creating opportunities for the child, according to his abilities, to decide processes and activities independently.

Montessori education offers the greatest possible degree of freedom, always in a prepared environment adapted to the age group. What children learn in the classroom about social interaction and freedom, they will carry out into the world. So what they learn in the classroom is the foundation for their later behavior as adults.





There are different levels of independence that can be achieved in the course of a lifetime. Reaching these different stages is a long process that does not happen overnight, but is closely monitored by the Montessori teachers. 

The concept of the four stages of development in Montessori education makes it possible to address the different needs of each age group.