Cosmic Education 


In Montessori education, cosmic education is one of the main pillars. At its core, cosmic education tells the story of the interconnectedness of all things. Dr. Maria Montessori saw the role of education as comprehensive, holistic and purposeful. Cosmic Education enables 6-12 year old children to understand the world and their place in it. It provides children with a full range of educational disciplines, including math and language, as well as art, music, science and social studies. 

The subjects are presented to the children not as individual areas in set blocks of time, but in the form of an interconnected, cohesive curriculum that is open to experience. The materials, presentations and exercises enable the child to build a mental order. In this way, the content taught is experienced as a coherent whole, tailored to the interests and learning style of the individual child, rather than as a collection of disconnected information. 




The Montessori environment for the second stage of development prepares children for adulthood by fostering self-regulation, social and intellectual skills, and a vision of humanity's place in the universe. 


This approach provides a framework that supports young people as they face critical choices in the future.