About me

My own personal Montessori journey began when I was looking for a kindergarten place for our daughter. When I came across Montessori education, I was immediately fascinated and excited by the idea of trusting children's inner blueprint for their development.

So I started my first (IfgL) and soon my second (ÖMG) Montessori training, worked as a music teacher, replacement for a pregnant college and finally as a class leader in the “Montessori Bildungshaus” in Hannover. 

Parallel to my work with children, I also began to qualify for adult education and have been a lecturer for the DGM for several years.

As from 2019, I was significantly involved in the conception and foundation of the “Montessori Welträume Schule”. At the same time, I completed my international Montessori training for the second stage of development at AMI in Spain. 

Since 2022, I have been an active member of the Board of Directors for Montessori Europe and see my focus in the international networking of Montessori quality standards. 

My belief is that there is a need for well-trained people who love their profession and pass on this enthusiasm and love, combined with high competence in the work with children. I would like to contribute to this with my work.