Consulting / process support 


Are you looking for professional support and advice in the structural and conceptual development of your institution? You want to implement the teachings of Maria Montessori at the cutting edge? 

I would be happy to help you on your way. 

Beginning with an analysis of the current situation and the formulation of goals, we clarify the needs of your institution and determine a roadmap for your reorientation. 

According to the principle of "preserving what has been tried and tested", the topics can be diverse: 

From the design of the Prepared Environment to the training of your teaching staff, in the supervision of team development processes to the sharpening of your profile in terms of external impact, everything is possible. 

In the context of school development with the goal of having your school certified according to the MQS (Montessori Quality Standard) or the QR (Quality Framework), I can help and advise you with my knowledge and years of practical experience. 

The focus of this consultation is the implementation of Cosmic Education in the everyday teaching of the second level of development. 


If I have raised your interest. I will be happy to get into contact with you personally. 

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